Behind our store we have a barnyard to give the public a chance to get up close to and enjoy farm animals. We have a small sampling of farm animals including Hershey and Quick.  
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HersheyMeet Hershey, the hinny. He is our senior resident, somewhere in his early 30's. Visits with farm guest make his day!
A hinny is a cross between a horse and donkey, but slightly different than a mule. A mule's father is a donkey and it's mother, a horse. A hinny's father is a horse and it's mother, a donkey. With equines, they tend to take on their mother's conformation and build, so a mule is taller and has a more horse-like body. A hinny is smaller and built much like a donkey.
 Quick our 'wild' boar enjoys daily mud baths, lots of naps, and scratching himself on his automatic water spout.
He was born and raised on our farm and is very friendly. His great-great-great-grandparents were brought to America with the early settlers.
Over the years many escaped to the woods and swamps and became wild.
  Our geese like to eat grass and weeds as well as any of the vegetables that the goats will share with them. 
 Our goats love visits from farm guests! They enjoy head rubs and hope someone will put coins in the machine and give them the goat version of candy, made from sweet molasses mixed with other grain treats. In addition to their regular meals of grain and hay they also get the blemished vegetables from the Farm Market often.    
 Sometimes we get visits from our neighbors Guinea Fowl. These birds are similar to chickens but often much wilder. This makes them very alert, and when combined with their unique calling sound, makes them the 'watch dogs' of the barnyard letting everyone know when someone new is around. 
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Spring is here! Bringing fresh Strawberries, tender greens, and delicious veggies. 

Our Farm Market is OPEN on Tue, Thus, and Sat from 9-4. 

Come see us at the Myrtle Beach Farmers Market on Wed, Fri, and Sat from 9-3 every week.

We're also at 

The International Culinary Institute of Myrtle Beach

at Market Common on Thursday afternoons from 1:00 - 6:00. 


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