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November update

Posted 11/8/2010 11:07am by Sam Bellamy.

     Now is a great time to get heirloom tomatoes. We are picking our late crop and keeping them from the frost so we hope to make them go as long as we can. We also have baby romas and other tomatoes as well. Fresh mustard , turnips, peppers, basil and greens are coming off the farm. We still have some persimmons.

    We have a good supply of pie pumpkins and some heirloom pumpkins. Thanksgiving is coming so keep the bakery in mind if you want to add some special items to your Thanksgiving dinner.


The garden center has lots of fall/winter plants. The pansies range from bright colors to antique shades. There are some great Christmas gift ideas there also.

    For all you Naspig fans the season has ended and it was a very tight finish for the points winner!Number 3 ( Cinderella ) held on with a good many 2 and 3 place finishes to retain the point lead.Meanwhile number 1( Howden ) actually begin to win races that Number 7 ( Iron Man ) had dominated in mid season that made the point race far more interesting. The final results were Cinderella had 155 points, Howden had 143, Iron Man had 141 and Lumina had 118.

     The barnyard is still open during the market hours. The hay maze , corn stalk teepee and scarecrows are out so it allows some quieter time for a family to be together. If it is a little cool you can warm up afterwards with something warm from the bakery. It can make a for a pleasant time together no matter what age your family may be. 

     We have some very good quality sweet potatoes and one of the best apple selections around. We will be making apple cider again this week. Be sure to check out the apple pies in the bakery.

    This a good time for honey as well. There are lots of mixes and things to go with honey. If you want Sarah’s honey, she will have some available ( ask for it if you do not see it on the shelves).

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