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The Barnyard : a place of many lessons

Posted 2/1/2010 7:43pm by Sam Bellamy.

       What could you possibly learn from us?

         How to get the most from visiting a barnyard. A barnyard is different from a petting zoo. First, a petting zoo is a set up for seeing and petting animals. It is not set where the animals usually live except to be penned for exhibit. In a barnyard you don’t pet the animals but you see them in their normal environment. Secondly, pens and pastures are larger and usually the animals can have some natural interaction. It is this natural interaction that makes a barnyard a powerful place. Why powerful? One powerful aspect is in the manner in which you can observe behaviors. This is real honest behavior, no props, no coaching and no social inputs. Animals don’t use flawed human thinking yet they exhibit some real integrity in their relationships. Consider creatures such as the wild geese, swans or emus, these fowl actually mate for life! Being able to have watched pairs of geese nest and raise their brood has been amazing. There are stories to be told about what has been seen here on this farm. Often the humor takes form from other animals or younger animals that find out just how seriously motherhood is in the barnyard. Incredible scenes of young ( teenage) fowl or animals learning to become adults and the adjustments they discover along the way can bring a healthy laughter while serving to remind us or our very selves. Another powerful aspect is the lessons that can be reinforced upon us as we observe the commitment to motherhood, the duty of the males to protect or the uncanny brains of a hinny. A barnyard is for going slow, observe and take in as much as you can. Try to not intrude into it but rather like the animals browse your way around. Sit and listen, try to imagine what these creatures would say to you if they could.

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