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Posted 4/3/2016 4:30pm by Sam Bellamy.

   The strawberry field will open at 8 am Monday morning. The berries look good and taste very good for the early season. The picking is easy. We encourage you to bring a container to take your berries home in. We have buckets to pick in but will need to charge for a waxed box top    ( $1.00 ) if you don't have a container. We are cost conscience on your end as well as ours. So we hope you will bring a container.

  So far people have given  very positive input regarding the flavor of the fruit. We have some cool weather predicted for this week. Hopefully , we can escape the frost. If the weather permits we hope to have the field open most days. call to make sure, 843-399-6902 or 910-287-6794. I will try to post it days on a blog on the website,                                                                                                                     

  The organic potatoes are pushing through very nicely. New varieties are added and planted for this year. The curly mustard will be coming off this week, some very great tasting carrots, organic lettuce and other produce brought in. 

   Be sure to check out the market, produce, bakery and garden center.

Posted 4/2/2016 7:26am by Sam Bellamy.

The strawberry field is open from 9 to 12 today. The weather looks like it will hold off raining. It is still wet so be prepared for wet conditions. The field should be open Monday as well at 8 am.

We have berries picked at the produce market. Be sure to check out the bakery and garden center as well. It really is spring, savor the goodness. 

Have a berry sweet day!

Posted 3/27/2016 12:54pm by Sam Bellamy.

Happy Easter!! I hope your day is one of resilient hope rooted in truth and eternal joy!

Things are happening here on the farm. First the strawberries are red and we are picking. As some of you know who have been with us for years, the flavor of the fruit is affected by the weather and growing conditions. So it may seem strange unless you understand this but with cool nights it takes longer to get the full flavor in the fruit. This is not true for some fruits such as apples  and pears. They get better with cool nights. Many small fruits actually benefit from warm temperatures. Blueberries, blackberries and peaches especially. It has to do with  sugar production in the leaves and the transfer to the fruit.

  Obviously, you know what I am looking for in the strawberries and I am confident we will get there soon. We have tried some new techniques that I hope will result in very pleasing berries. We started picking the first berries Saturday. We expect the PYO to open very soon depending on the weather. The crop looks to be one that will get rolling fast once it begins.

Meanwhile the market is open. the strawberries we are picking are good but the flavor will improve. The produce section is still slim but we are wanting to rely more on what we grow. Our commitment to offer you the best quality at the best price is one we take seriously. We are continuing to  set out our transplants and nurturing the crops to maturity.

Posted 3/20/2016 8:21pm by Sam Bellamy.

The market should be open this Friday. The Produce will begin a little slow due to the fact we are trying to produce more of what we sell. Strawberries are turning red so things should progress steadily. The cool front hopefully will not do us damage and PYO strawberries will be here very soon.

  We have a lot to look forward to this weekend with Easter and Spring reviving our spirits. We hope for you the best.

Posted 12/22/2015 7:18pm by Sam Bellamy.
 Sarah will be at Myrtle's Market Wednesday, tomorrow. Mushrooms, butternut, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, onions, greens, collards, pac choi, lettuce, tomatoes, apples , apple cider, grape juice and more.  this will be the last market until next Spring. We are working hard to make this strawberry crop and the whole growing year of 2016 a truly good one. 2015 had some rough beginnings. Your support has and is appreciated. We wish you a Merry Christmas complete with heart warming memories and cherished time spent with those you love. Time spent with those we love, giving and sharing the gifts God has so freely given us. We look forward to serving you again in 2016. The Bellamys
Posted 12/2/2015 9:21am by Sam Bellamy.
We have some excellent sweet potatoes at a good price. Collards , greens and mushrooms are available. Don't forget the line of jams, preserves and relishes.
The bakery is offering pies, desserts and other baked goods. Be sure and let them know early about orders for the Christmas season.
The store hours are 9am-5pm Monday through Saturday.
Posted 11/24/2015 6:01am by Sam Bellamy.

 The farm market will be closed after 1 pm Wednesday. It will reopen Monday morning. If you have orders from the bakery please pick them up before 1 pm. You can add to your holiday menus with some simple ideas such as relishes, preserves, grape juice and apple cider.
Sarah will be at Myrtle's market this Wednesday for a special the market is having.

Enjoy a good time of giving thanks!

Posted 11/12/2015 5:55am by Sam Bellamy.

It will soon be Thanksgiving Day. November is brings many changes in shorter daylight and cooler weather. We have some good items for the season. A very good selection of winter squashes, pie pumpkins and butternut. The good news for tomato and pepper lovers is we are still picking both here on the farm. Heirloom tomatoes are still coming out of the field. Enjoy this opportunity while you can.

We hope you have a good Thanksgiving everyday.


Posted 10/29/2015 1:34pm by Sam Bellamy.

 The  taste of Fall and the Holiday season is here!! Fresh apple cider with all its rich flavor and full body of natural goodness. Made here at the farm and unpasteurized it stands far above what is available elsewhere.

  The winter squashes are still proving their worth, the butternut is excellent right now. Pie pumpkins and chrenshaws are plentiful. Kobochas, buttercups and hubbards are available as well.

  Pick your pumpkins will be open 10 am to 12 noon Saturday. Stock pig racing will be at 10 and 12:30 or there abouts. The weather should be just right.

   Eat Healthy and live wholeheartly !!

Posted 10/21/2015 6:40am by Sam Bellamy.
The market has lots of good hubbard squash, buttercup, and kobachi squash. A good selection of apples and edible pumpkins. There are some very good cooking pumpkins and chrensaws at the market.Lots of fresh grape juice and pressing more apple
cider is one of the next to do projects.
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Fall At Last!

We are loving the cooler weather that Fall has brought and so are the crops! 

Our collards are growing rapidly as are our raddishes and we can't wait to move our tiny lettuce plants from the greenhouse into the field. 

We are also very excited to be partnering with The Mocha Cafe & BBQ to host our Pumpkin Patch on Saturday Oct. 10th and 17th (10-2pm)!

We also have pumpkins available at all of our Market locations during the week. 

We have several Market Locations, each open on different days, with different hours. See the bottom of our Home Page for the details on each.  

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