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Posted 6/18/2014 12:40pm by Sam Bellamy.

 The blueberry field will be open Thursday 8 am to 9:30 am. Those who picked Tuesday did a very good job. You stayed on the right rows, picked ripe fruit, did not knock berries off. Hopefully we will be able to do some picking Saturday for a short time.

   Specials on squash , zucchini, pickling cukes and we have lots of plums!!

Posted 6/17/2014 8:21am by Sam Bellamy.
If you are interested making pesto now is the time. Just ask for basil by the bunches. The world is full of new takes on familiar things. We have zucchini and patty pan squash by volume at great prices. Is there some new dish or dessert that you have wanted to try? I think zucchini chocolate cake calling me.... gotta go.
Posted 6/16/2014 12:52pm by Sam Bellamy.
 The blueberry field will be open Tuesday, June 17, 8 am to 9 am. It is a very short window but needs to be to ensure we don't over pick these first couple of pickings.
Posted 6/15/2014 2:18pm by Sam Bellamy.

                                                  blueberry season                                                                                                                 

  We aren't at this stage in ripeness [see picture] this year, but we will be open some point this week.  One of the problems we run into every year is having people pick unripe fruit the first few pickings. We have found that the best way to keep this from happening is to limit the time for the first few PYO.  One of the advantages of being on the email list is you get information earlier than most. 

 I think we will open one morning real soon ( maybe Tuesday?? or Thursday) for about 1or 2 hours. I will post the time ahead on the website or send another email.

  We plan to pick a few more strawberries for the store but the cost of picking and grading is telling on us. 

Things to keep in mind about PYO blueberries.

  Bring something to take your berries home in.

  Be aware of the heat . Take care to not get too hot. We want it to be enjoyable and safe.

  We do not have the ability for credit cards.

  Please be careful when picking to not knock berries off the bushes.                        

   If you come with children teach them the value of respecting the bushes. Help them realize that we depend on the berries to pay bills. There are many families that get their pay from those berries.

   Drive carefully going to and from the fields.

Posted 6/9/2014 5:11am by Sam Bellamy.
  Now is the time to make pickles and to enjoy fresh summer squash. We have a good supply of organic cucumbers and squash. Beans and greens are coming in now also. Look for blueberry PYO information later this week or early next week.
Posted 6/3/2014 11:02am by Sam Bellamy.
The strawberry field will be open Wednesday June 3, 8 am  to noon. We have a good supply of greens, broccoli, kale, kohlrabi. The tomato pies are winning a lot of approval in the Bakery.
Posted 5/30/2014 8:58pm by Sam Bellamy.
The field will be open from 8 - 1pm . It may be open longer depending on the berries.
Posted 5/29/2014 4:59am by Sam Bellamy.
The field is open Thursday 8-12 . It looks good for Saturday morning 8-12 as well.
Posted 5/27/2014 5:19am by Sam Bellamy.
The field is open Tuesday 8-12. We hope ot be open Thursday morning. We are planning on being open Saturday 8-12 as well.
Posted 5/23/2014 12:30pm by Sam Bellamy.
We will be open on Memorial Day. The Field will be closed. Have  great and grateful Memorial weekend.
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Fall At Last!

We are loving the cooler weather that Fall has brought and so are the crops! 

Our collards are growing rapidly as are our raddishes and we can't wait to move our tiny lettuce plants from the greenhouse into the field. 

We are also very excited to be partnering with The Mocha Cafe & BBQ to host our Pumpkin Patch on Saturday Oct. 10th and 17th (10-2pm)!

We also have pumpkins available at all of our Market locations during the week. 

We have several Market Locations, each open on different days, with different hours. See the bottom of our Home Page for the details on each.  

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