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Posted 10/18/2013 6:49pm by Sam Bellamy.

We are looking forward to Pumpkin Day Saturday at the farm, and Sarah is loading up for another wonderful day at the farmer's market in Myrtle Beach at Oak St. and Joe White Ave.

Have a safe and blessed weekend!

Posted 10/17/2013 7:15am by Sam Bellamy.

         Pumpkin Day Schedule

This is a rough schedule, so keep in mind it naturally has to be flexible but good enough for you to plan around.

9 am  Visit the barnyard.. This is a good time for pictures and seeing the scarecrows. Both hayrides ( regular and Pumpkin Patch) begin soon after 9 am. They both should be on a regular schedule all day. Pony rides should begin soon. Face painting will be available in the morning and a little after noon.

9:55 race 1 STOCK PIG Racing

10:00 early puppet show by Pastor Jim Tippins & company

       Kid's village for young children and their parents. Includes games for young children that you as parents interact with, sack hop, stick horses, ring toss, cob throw, box train (parents must help thier children with the box train).

11:00- 1:00 The Flat Land Ramblers a real treat to have these folks, enjoy them!

11:00 race 2 STOCK PIG Racing

  sack races , pumpkin archery, stilts, horse shoes, corn cob checkers bet worked in when time allows.

12:00 lunch time with good music and good food ( purchase early in bakery or pick up something form the snack wagon).

12:00 race 3 STOCK PIG Racing

1:00- 3:30 Puppet shows at intervals Pastor Jim Tippins & company

1 :00 race 4 STOCK PIG Racing

1:30 old farm games continue, stilts, tug of war, sack races, (hog calling when puppet show takes a break).

2:00 Race 5 STOCK PIG Racing

      old farm games continue

3:00 race 6 STOCK PIG Racing

      old farm games continue

4:30 race 7 STOCK PIG Racing

Prices are $17 for family ride to pumpkin patch and first pumpkin. You can buy more pumpkins at the field large $9 med $6 small $3-2. Paint pumpkins are $8.50. If you bring your pumpkin from the pumpkin patch show your ticket and you can paint it for $2.50. Farm hay rides are $1.50/ person. I do not know what face painting and pony rides are at this point.

  Pumpkin archery, sack races,horse shoes, checkers, hog calling, stilts, kid's village, STOCK PIG Racing, hay maze, The music and puppets are free activities. no admission fees , no parking fees.

Posted 10/15/2013 1:49pm by Sam Bellamy.

 The pumpkin patch we be open Wednesday from 4pm to 5pm. If you want to come and are traveling some distance just call and let us know you are coming. The next time the patch will be open is Saturday , October 19 PUMPKIN DAY. 

  We have a nice crop of chestnuts. Get them now as the moisture content is really nice. We have beans and peas coming off now as well. If you are a lover of heirloom tomaotes we are getting some now.

  Don't for get about grape juice either!

Pumpkin day is October 19. It is a full day of pumpkin fun and the peak day of STOCK PIG Racing.

Posted 10/7/2013 6:01am by Sam Bellamy.
This is a great time for beans and peas! PYO pumpkins are open Saturdays 10 - 2 pm. Pumpkin Day is October 19. Night time hay rides are by reservations. We have a some heirloom tomatoes if you are looking for them. Also we have tomato pie which has been very popular.
Posted 10/3/2013 9:31pm by Sam Bellamy.

The day has black smiths, 1915 vertical hit and miss engine ( Horry County Museum), 1920's grist mill, horse powered cane mill, cane syrup making ( W Paul Living History Museum), spinning, weaving, paper making , indigo dyeing, antique tractors, NC Forestry Msueum and more.  Pick Your Own pumpkins, hay rides, pumpkin patch rides, hay maze and bluegrass music. STOCK pig races at 11, 1 , 2:30l and 3:30. COme root for your favorite pig!  

                           come root for your favorite!                                          

Posted 9/26/2013 6:08am by Sam Bellamy.

 Now is a great time for beans and peas! The crop looks very good and the quality is the best it has been all year.

  We have made the first of the grape juice! Some of you have been waiting for this.

We are still getting in some really nice peaches. the heirloom tomatos are slowly increasing in volume, check out our other varieties of tomatos. We have a good supply of sweet grape and cherry type tomatos.

  Farm Heritage Day is October 5. Please help spread the word. This year you should be able to see and visit with some real ive treasures in the area. Harry Warren, director of the NC Forestry Museum; Wayne Skipper with the W Paul Living History Museum, Meck Hartsfield of the Phillip Simmoms Black Smith Guild; Walter Hill, director of the Horry County Museum,  Randy Hawes and the Bluegrass boys and many other individuals who are here to share their years of experience with various skills such as molasses making, old  farm tractors and equipment, spinning, paper making, running a grist mill and musical skills. 

  There will be food, PYO pumpkins, pig races, hay rides and hay maze as well.

Posted 9/15/2013 4:34pm by Sam Bellamy.

    Fall is in the air and much is happening here at the farm. After a very difficult spring and summer we hope for a Fall that will help put us all in a better state. Preparing for strawberry planting, planting winter crops, preparing for the event days, training the race pigs, the PYO pumpkins, the tours , the night time hay rides, making grape juice and apple cider it leaves a lot to look froward to. Some of the pumpkins look very good at this point.

   Now is a great time for beans, cucumbers, squash and some to the summer items that had a difficult time during the summer of rain.

                               looking forward                      

  This year for Farm Heritage Day we have Meck Hartsfield returning. Meck is a very talented ,knowledgable craftsman black smith. He is from the Phillip Simmons line of smiths. He is President of the black smith guild which proudly bears Phillip Simmon's name. Meck has a strong connection with the late Phillip Simmons. In fact we have had Walter Hill , the director of the Horry County Museum, who himself is a part of that guild working the hit and miss engine turning the grist mill. You would do yourself a favor to ask Walter about his work as well. These men have their work being used in  historic places along the SC coast. Besides being fascinating to watch, you can ask questions and even inquire about having work done.

    Farm Heritage Day has much more. I hope to post more information about the particular people involved.

Posted 8/2/2013 1:41pm by Sam Bellamy.
The blueberry field will be open Saturday 7:30 to noon. Now is a good time for figs and peaches. Ask about ice cream peaches. They may still have some. Homemade peach ice cream doesn't just sound good , IT IS GOOD!  The bakery has lots of good summertime treats as well.
Posted 7/29/2013 8:57am by Sam Bellamy.

 The blueberry field will be open Tuesday and we plan for  Saturday this week.

Peaches are still coming in well. Ask about 1/2 bushel baskets, canning peaches or special ice cream peaches. We may have some of the later but you might need to ask. The peaches are good this time of year. All are free stone as well.

 Figs are just beginning to come in. The celeste variety is currently in. We have picked a few Texas everbearing. Alma will be next. Then the yellow skin fig will be last.

Posted 7/25/2013 9:37am by Sam Bellamy.

  Friday looks good for PYO blueberries. So both Friday and Saturday will be open for blueberries  7:30 to 11 Friday and 7:30 to noon Saturday. Please bring some insect repellent.

Saturday morning there will be a road race on the farm so be careful not to park in thier area or you may get blocked in. If you park where we normally park for PYO blueberries you will have no problems.

Peaches! We are picking Sun Prince and Ga Belle peaches. It is a good time for peaches. If you like white peaches Ga Belle is the peach for you. To this day one of the best desserts I have ever had was Ga Belle peaches served on opened faced homemade biscuits. Yes, I didn't eat just one.

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