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Posted 6/24/2012 2:43pm by Sam Bellamy.

Blueberry field is open Monday, 8 am to 12. Also on Thursday and Saturday. Strawberry field is now closed for the season. The dark small Garden Blue variety of blueberry is coming in at this time. If you are familar with this blueberry and know it’s rich sweet flavor you will be glad for this tip. Peaches and blackberries are not available for PYO. Yet we have them in the market. We will be picking Norman and Winblo peaches.

Posted 6/24/2012 2:22pm by Sam Bellamy.

Blueberry field is open Monday, 8 am to 12. Also on Thursday and Saturday. Strawberry field is now closed for the season. The dark small Garden Blue variety of blueberry is coming in at this time. If you are familar with this blueberry and know it’s rich sweet flavor you will be glad for this tip. Peaches and blackberries are not available for PYO. Yet we have them in the market. We will be picking Norman and Winblo peaches.

Posted 6/21/2012 11:37am by Sam Bellamy.

Blueberry PYO is open Friday 8am-11:00 and also Saturday 8 am to 12 noon. It is a good time to pick . We will be picking in Field two ( the back field) on Friday and on Saturday it will be field one behind the market. Don’t forget the string beans are really good now.

Posted 6/17/2012 1:21pm by Sam Bellamy.

Blueberry PYO is open Monday 8am-11:00 am. We are looking to have it open again either Thursday or Friday and Saturday. I apologize for not being more certain about the mid-week. We need to watch the fields as they ripen. This Monday we could have some PYO Blackberries.

If you enjoy beans, then check out the string beans at the farm. These are some of the best we have grown in years. The cool , low humidity weather has been good on the plants. We have good squash, cukes and other veggies as well. The Carolina Belle and Red haven peaches will not last long. The heirloom tomatoes are beginnig. I hope to have some Silver Duchess sweet corn soon if not this week very soon thereafter.

Posted 6/10/2012 1:48pm by Sam Bellamy.

Blueberry PYO is open Monday 8am-11:00 am. We are looking to have it open again either Wednesday or Thursday and Saturday.
This Monday we could have some PYO Blackberries, ask about it when you come Monday.
We are picking plums, peaches, sweet corn, squash and more. Our red tomatoes are not far off. We have been picking green tomatoes.
 Figs are coming later this month so pay close attention.

It is here! Peach Pound Cake! Check out the milkshakes and other seasonal specialities.

Posted 6/4/2012 2:39pm by Sam Bellamy.

Indigo Farms Update June 4

This is one of those really neat times when you can eat fresh blueberries, blackberries, peaches, plums and strawberries right from the farm. Usually the strawberries finish before you can have this combination harmonizing. It has been an unusual year so far. Things seem to be coming early across the board. Even the figs are not so far from ripening.

You can still PYO strawberries. The picking is even a little better than a week ago. The field is not very neat with weeds in the furrow but the flavor of the fruit is something that makes it worth the trouble.

We will be picking blueberries PYO Wednesday 8 am to 9:30 am and Thursday 8am to 10:30 am. We will pick again Saturday morning. Check to see the time.

As many of you know picking blueberries is tricky at the beginning of the season. The berries turn blue but are not fully ripe. If too many people come to pick it is easy for the berries to be picked that would be next weeks fruit. When this happens it takes a lot longer for the next ones to ripen, the flavor is off, the fruit that was picked unripe does not ripen and people do not appreciate what a really good blueberry can taste like. This is why we have such short hours at the start. Later that will change. If you have trouble being able to pick early mornings then Saturday is an option. We are trying to find a good way to accommodate people who can’t come early mornings nor on Saturdays so let us know if this is something you need. It  is possible not every Saturday will be open. So we encourage you to check the website often. Also , please bring a container to take your berries home in. We do have some box tops but much prefer you bring your own.

Ask about PYO Blackberries, It may be available for PYO but ask to make certain it is open for PYO.

Peaches, plums are coming in now. We are picking Ruby Prince peaches. Ruby Prince is a semi free stone. The fruit separates from the stone when fully ripe. From this point on all our peaches are free stone. Don’t make the common mistake of thinking that free stones only come of in July or August. The Carolina Belles ( white) , Red Haven and Norman are not so far behind them. We have some very nice plums! The Auburn variety is coming to a close. The Methley and Santa Rosa varieties are coming off strong now. The Ozark Premier variety will be later.

We are picking squash in good supply, harvesting potatoes ( organic speciality potatoes also) and sweet corn. Currently we are picking Silver Queen. Many people like Silver Queen. The key with silver queen is to eat it as soon after you pick it as possible. Because it is not a super sweet variety it quickly turns it’s sugars into starch. We have Serendipity bi color and it is super sweet. It is very good.

There is much more coming off the farm but at this point not in as large of quantity.

The bakery has begun to bake peach pies. They should be making peach pound cake soon so ask them about it. It is time for some real peach milkshakes too! Not to mention blueberry pies or rhubarb combinations of blueberry or strawberry. If you are planning a get together keep in mind you can get desserts, vegetables and an assortment of items that would make the time pleasant.



Posted 6/3/2012 1:15pm by Sam Bellamy.
Blueberry Field will be open Monday, June 4th from 8:00 am to 9:00 am.  We anticipate being open again real soon, likely Thursday or before.  Call or check the website for updates.
Posted 5/20/2012 8:11pm by Sam Bellamy.

May 20 Indigo Farms Update

One of the "joys" of farming is you get to work with what is given you. You never know exactly how things will be and what adjustments have to be made. Seven inches of rain in six days is not the ideal. For some crops it is just dandy but for small grain that is mature and drying, leafy cucurbits, tender young tomato plants that find super wet soil dangerous and beans that may end up competing with rapid growing weeds that thrive on heat and moisture, seven inches in such short time frame makes you look all around for potential problems. Even some insects love the extra moisture and warmth. Fungal concerns become a prime point of vigilance. Not to mention fields that are too wet to work.

NEVER THE LESS... the strawberries continue to look very good. Good ratio of blooms and green fruit to leaf vegetation. Little to no runners; that means the plants are still in a juvenile stage and can focus on producing fruit not vegetative new plants. There are some wet overripe fruit in the field. Now is a good time to take advantage of the get a dollar off for every bucket of bad berries you pick when you pick a bucket of good berries. The fields will be open this week, so don’t hesitate to come pick. You may need to check in and out at the produce market if the sign on the cart directs you.

Blueberries , Blackberries are being picked. Pick your own is still away off, maybe June 12th? Peaches are really y sizing up and getting color. They look good and I should begin picking at the end of the month.

If you like beans then now is the time to focus on getting them. Wax beans , October beans , half runners, string beans, etc. are coming off. Think tender squash and it is likely to be here. So the eating is getting better. The first sweet corn is here as well and tomatoes are not far behind.

The bakery keeps making bread and soon the prime fruit milkshake season will be upon us.

Posted 5/13/2012 3:29pm by Sam Bellamy.

It looks good for the pick your own strawberry field. The plants continue to be in a healthy productive condition, little stress and very few runners. The size is holding up well on the Camarosa plants while the flavor is really good.

If you are not able to pick and want to put up berries you can buy them at the market. Prices can vary depending on what you buy. We sell culls as well. Many people do not realize that after the strawberries are picked they are graded. It cost us but it gives you more quality. As many of you know you get more strawberries from the paper pulp cups than the clamshells. Another way to get more for your money is to take advantage of our pick your own trade off. If you pick a bucket of over ripe fruit by cleaning the bushes you can get a $1 off the good bucket of berries you pick for yourself. This helps keep the field in better shape , the plants healthier and allows you spend less.

If you haven’t tried the strawberry bread at the bakery just know that after the strawberry season we will not be baking it until we grow more strawberries.

Blueberries! Yes , we have begun to pick the highbush varieties. We are also buying blueberries to supplement our own right now. Pick your own should begin about June 15.

Peaches are beginning to get some color. We anticipate picking to start around the first of June.

Blackberries are just beginning to ripen so it won’t be long before we begin to pick for the store.

Beans, squash and other vegetables are coming off the farm. Organic beans, squash, zucchini, potatoes, onions, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, kohlrabi, radish, diakon, dandelion, cilantro, parsley are available by order ( call and make request. Please leave a contact name and number).

This is a good month for flowers and plants. Be sure to check with the garden center about any needs you may have. Please note that the Kudzu bug has many generations throughout the season. It is not likely to leave us alone. The damage it does is not as visible because it sucks the nutrition from the plant rather than eating the leaves. It appears constant vigilance will be required to deal with this misplaced insect.

Please note that you can check out Indigo farms on facebook. If you like this format it has more pictures and added information.

Posted 4/29/2012 9:13pm by Sam Bellamy.
April 29 strawberry update:

The strawberry field will be open this week. The plants look good , very good for almost May! This may well mean strawberry season gets a good opportunity to extend for two, three or four weeks with out the big drop in picking. The weather will be the main determining factor. Hope to see you.

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