Event Days in October

Farm Heritage Day , Pumpkin Day and other activites





     Fall is a highlight at Indigo Farms. For many people it is a place where special memories bring smiles and warm thoughts even years after their experience here. The fall event days and other farm activities are made for just such times.                  

Thank You for being a part of our farm's fall events. We hope you value the time you had even more as the years go by. If you are interested in helping with the event days in 2015 you may contact us to see if there is a way to do so.  

              hay maze

 This year we will have a PYO pumpkins each Saturday in October. Saturday 29h may be the exception. Pig races , hay rides , hay maze and the barnyard will be going on from 9 am to 3 pm.
  Farm Heritage Day will be a very scaled down Farm Heritage Day on October 1. Although there will not be exhibits and the many people who are true treasures sharing their experiences,  knowledge and skills thee will be lots of fun things to do. PYO pumpkins, hay rides and pig races will be the making the high lights of the day.

 Gulf coast sheep at Indigo farms




Pumpkin Day  October 15 ( 10am - 3:00 pm) is a day focused on farm fun from yesteryear. This year we focus on more pumpkin activities such as pumpkin painting , pick your own pumpkins. Pumpkin Day is the crown jewel of Naspig, the best of Stockpig racing. It is usually the day that determines who will win the championship. With the point system all the races throughout the season count and add up to determine the eventual winner.  Our hope is that this day could be one of those rare days where families can all have fun together, doing the same things. There is something wonderful that happens when parents can share their youthful side with their own kids. It is great when fathers and mothers come along side their children to "show" them that they can "do" this game or participate like everyone else. It is a great opportunity to laugh, be yourself and count your many blessings.  Keep posted for details.

October 22 will feature more pick your own pumpkins , pig races, hay maze and hay rides.


Night time hay rides are an opportunity for small groups to have some special time together. Unlike most night time hay rides in the fall the focus is not on a wild scary time. It is in fact intended to be a quiet evening savoring the early evening or night. Tuning in to the wonderful reality that exist but is often ignored. These hay rides and bonfires are great for roasting hot dogs and marsh mellows. They are offered on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights . Some nights may not be available. Ask for more details when you call for reservations, 843-399-6902 or 910-287-6794. 



Current News


  The Produce Market at the farm  is now open for the season. The current hours are 9 am to 5 pm.  Sarah continues to be at Myrtle’s Market on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. She is at the Culinary Institute on Thursday afternoons.  Please sign up for the email to learn what is happening at the farm. You can also check facebook at Indigo farms market to not only learn information but see some pictures of interesting things around the farm.   Up next are some very nice looking squash, zucchini and cucumbers. They should begin next week. PYO blueberries are likely to be ready in mid-June,. 

 The best means of contact is to call during our regular hours or email. 910-287-6794 or 843-399-6902







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