Night time Hay Rides , Birthday Parties

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the night time fires at Indigo are rather special

Long ago, neighbors would gather to celebrate the reaping and harvest of their many months of labor and the tangible security of provisions for the winter season. Imagine the good feeling of realizing your efforts and seeing the reward of your perseverance and faith. There is little wonder why such times are regarded with great nostalgia and warmth.


BONFIRES & HAY RIDE- Take a ride through the fields, orchards, around ponds, into a wooded area, enjoy the night sky & fellowship with your group around a bonfire, to enjoy hotdogs, singing, and easy conversation. Three different types of sites available; secluded, barnyard, or sheltered. 

The firewood, HAY RIDE, picnic tables and restrooms(located at market) are provided. You will need to bring your food, drinks (no alcohol) , picnic supplies and clothes hangers (for the hotdogs and marshmallows). This is an open fire so hotdogs work better than hamburgers. Some have enjoyed bringing oysters. Allow time to set up before it gets too dark. You may want to eat first and ride afterward, please let us know when you make reservations.-



DATES & TIMES- HAY RIDE begins at 6:00, 7:00, or 8:00 pm. Earlier times may work if you have young kids or as the time changes. The rides last 30-40 minutes. Scheduled nights are most Thursday, Friday, & Saturdays in OCTOBER & NOVEMBER. Some Sat. nights are filled. Please observe when the sunset occurs- OCTOBER is around 7:30 ; NOVEMBER is about 6:30. If there are small children, come early and visit the animal barn.





Sites: Site 1 is isolated with covered bridge and no electricity. Site 2 is in a pine grove near the barnyard. This site works well for families with younger children. Site 3 is under a covered shed with concrete floor and restrooms close by. It is not for rowdy young people !


PRICES-$ 90.00 minimum charge for groups of 12 persons or less.

$8.00 / person for groups of 13 or more.

There is a $ 40.00 deposit required at time of reservation. If you must cancel & fail to give us at least 4 days notice the $40.deposit will be

forfeited. In case of rain we will reschedule or return your deposit.


Reservations Call: 843-399-6902 or 910-287-6794

Birthday Parties

Farm Party includes;

picnic tables out in the barnyard.

Visiting the barnyard animals and in the Fall access to the maze and corn stalk tepee

access to pick your own activities that are seasonably available

coloring books for each person

places made for pictures, such as hand pump, hay maze. Scarecrows etc.

clean up after party

$3.50 / person * _______ = ________

Minimum $100.00


Special kid’s house and Fall decor ideal for pictures and play extra $20



You pay any extras on the number who participate

in the extra activities such as hay ride, games, horse rides, etc. .


1)- tractor hay-ride $ 2.50 * _______ = ______

2)- games 4.00 * _______ = ______

3)- horse rides 5.00 * _______ = _____

4)- horse drawn wagon rides (future) 3.50 * _______ = ______

5)- bon fire 3.50 * _______ = ______

6)- guided nature walk 5.00 * _______ = ______

7)- bakery special Depends on order * _______ = ____

8) pumpkin painting Large size 8.000 *_________ Med size 4.00* _____________

Mini Jack 1.00 *____________

Reservations Call: 843-399-6902 or 910-287-6794




Current News


  The Produce Market at the farm  is now open for the season. The current hours are 9 am to 5 pm.  Sarah continues to be at Myrtle’s Market on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. She is at the Culinary Institute on Thursday afternoons.  Please sign up for the email to learn what is happening at the farm. You can also check facebook at Indigo farms market to not only learn information but see some pictures of interesting things around the farm.   Up next are some very nice looking squash, zucchini and cucumbers. They should begin next week. PYO blueberries are likely to be ready in mid-June,. 

 The best means of contact is to call during our regular hours or email. 910-287-6794 or 843-399-6902







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